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Terpene Business
Speciality chemicals business
1. Typical Reaction Flow of Terpene Chemistry 1

2. Typical Reaction Flow of Terpene Chemistry 2

3. Other Chemistry

3-1. C-C Bond Formation

-Friedel-Crafts Reaction
-Wittig Reaction
-Grignard Reaction
-Suzuki Coupling
-Robinson Annulation

3-2. Asymmetric Reaction

3-3. Oxidation and Reduction

-Epoxidation with peracetic acid or perhydrogen oxide
-Oppenauer Oxidation and Meerwein-Pondorf Reduction
-Baeyer-Viliger Reaction
-Other Oxidation

3-4. Miscellaneous

-Catalytic hydrogenation
-Precise fractionation distillation
-Large scale column chromatography
-Extraction of active ingredients from natural resources

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