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Nippon Terpene Chemicals,INC.
Corporate Profile Profile
Head office: Kobe
Sales Branch Office: Tokyo
Factory : Kobe works (15,000m2)
Capital : 64,000,000- Yen

Nippon Terpene is independent from any capital or company group.

Employees : 70 manufacturing 40 R&D and QA 13 Sales and Admin. 17
Annual Sales : 2,330 million yen (2008)
Terpenes and related products 55%
Fine chemicals and custom synthesis products 30%
Pharmaceuticals 12%
Others 3%


■President K. Matsuno
Senior Managing Director M. Shigematsu
Director S. Yanai

■General Affairs Division
  ・General Affairs Dept.
  ・Personnel Dept.

S. Yanai
■Sales Division
 ・Sales Dept.
 ・Purchase Dept.
M. Shigematsu
■Tokyo Office   H. Tsuda
■Research & Development Division T. Mori
■Quality Assurance Division
  ・Quality Assurance Dept.
H. Tsuda
■Kobe Works
  ・Manufacturing Dept
  ・Packing and Releasing Dept.
M. Shigematsu

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